vhost provides a fully working virtual host for jWave Go.

A vhost template gets you up and running with your webapps, modify as you desire.

Built on the wonderful Yii2 and Twitter Bootstrap, vhost provides a simple yet effective template for your app: build it in minutes; configure it in seconds. Welcome to jWave vhost!

vhost is adaptive.

vhost webapps are inherently responsive, built for all platforms: TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets & mobiles. No extra work is required, it will look nice regardless of the platform.

vhost is modular.

vhost is a jWave product, fully aligned with the suite of jWave products: Go, Cobalt, vhost and many more so you get the all benefits. If you wish to hook into other tools, libraries or technologies, simple: check out the Cobalt documentation.

  • jWave is the overarching service, providing a suite of tools.
  • Go provides the backend architecture slotting into Apache HTTPD.
  • Cobalt provides a simple, lightweight, and modular framework.
  • vhost is the final piece in the puzzle: providing an easily configurable template for your webapp.

vhost is extensive.

vhost provides a set of utils to help automate webapp construction. Under the bonnet, vhost encompasses many 3rd-party libraries, tools and technologies in one easy approach. Adding more is simply a matter of updating the configuration.

vhost is proven.

Cobalt is already used across the web powering some of the web's most innovative ideas; uses:

vhost is fun.

Forget about all the boring stuff, that's already done for you. Make your ideas come to life.

jWave vhost is already used by

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